2015 BAH Rates


Update – The 2016 BAH Rates are now available here

UPDATE- Dec 22, 2015 BAH Rates

2015 BAH rates were released on December 22, 2015. To see your local BAH rate check out the BAH Calculator

Or you can see all of the 2015 BAH with dependent rates in a PDF here 2015-with-dependents-bah-rates

To use the BAH calculator you need to know the “Duty Zip Code”.

For Camp Pendleton the duty zip code is 92055. The zip code for San Diego is 92134.

Original Post-

The 2015 Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) are scheduled to be released around December 15th.

The DOD has proposed that service members BAH changes from covering 100% of housing cost to just 95%. This change wont happen all at once. In general, BAH goes up a little each year to keep of with the cost of living. It’s likely these increases will be slowed each year, until BAH only covers 95% of housing expenses. For 2015 BAH will only cover 99% of housing costs.


In some areas BAH may go down. However, BAH rates are protected through Rate-protection Plan. So, if BAH goes down in your area it will only effect service members that are newly PCSing to the area.

To learn more about the BAH decreases check out this great article from Navy Times.

Check back for the updated 2015 BAH rates in mid December