Christmas Cookies


I’m so happy that my family is together for Christmas this year. Last year my husband was deployed and I was very sick. Having him home and a healthy family makes me want to take advantage of EVERY moment we have together this holiday season.

One of my favorite family traditions is decorating Christmas cookies. My son has Aspergers. We’ve found, through trying different diets, that if we cut food coloring out of his diet, his behavior is much better. (If interested, here is a link about how food coloring and other additives are suspected to have a negative impact on health and behavior¬† So, over the last few years my family has done our best not to give our kids food coloring.¬†

When it was time to decorate Christmas cookies I thought it would be boring with just white frosting, but all of the colored frosting has artificial food coloring in them. I was so excited when I found these India Tree all natural food coloring made from concentrated vegetable colorants.

The red turned out more like pink, but I was OK with that…
photo 5(1)
photo 5

I was just excited to be able to offer my kids a variety of colors.

The dyes were a little pricey but they will last for a while and come in handy for birthday cakes, Valentine’s Day, Easter and many other events throughout the year.
Merry Christmas!!!