Top 5 Things About My Husband Deploying

Let’s just start by saying that I hate it when my husband is deployed. But, I am learning to lookon the bright side. Here are the top 5 things  enjoy while my husband is deployed.

#5 No More Zombie Shows!

I have to say that Hubby has a very strange obsession with zombies, including
his current favorite show, “The Walking Dead” on AMC.  He will watch anything
that has to do with zombies – It’s some deeply rooted childhood issue
that I have just learned to accept. Oh, and Fox News… he loves the news!  Most men in the military that I know have a slight obsession with the news, and I can’t blame them:  Decisions made by Washington directly affect their lives and their family’s lives dramatically.  While he is gone I have the TV all to myself – no zombie shows and no Bill O’Reilly! I can fill the DVR reality TV and Soap Operas if I want. I can flip channels without anyone else getting mad. I can watch chick flicks all night if I want.

#4 Don’t have to cook

My kids and I are very easy to please when it come to food. When daddy is home he tries cooking extravagant dishes.  Usually they’re pretty good, but time consuming and very messy.  When he’s away some of are favorite meals are cereal and PB&J – Much easier to prepare and clean up. Our grocery bill goes way down, plus the added bonus of not cleaning up.

#3 My schedule is my own

While Hubby is home I try to be home and dinner on the table when he gets home. Sometimes that means cutting our outings and play dates short so that we can be home, other times it’s eating way later than we planned so that he can join us. When he is gone, we are more free to do what we want which lowers stress throughout the day.

#2 House stays cleaner

I’m sorry, but guys are messy. Hubby leaves his clothes all over the house.
Between the front door and our bedroom there’s a trail of clothes and boots
(including his pants!)that you can follow all the way to the shower.  When he is
gone the house just stays cleaner and there is so much less laundry!

#1 I get the bed to myself.

This is the best part! When my husband and I sleep in the same bed he likes to cuddle ALL night. I don’t. I am a light sleeper and he sleeps like a log. So, I
stay awake a lot of the night while he is taking the blankets, trying to grope
me and and taking up the whole bed. But when he is gone I have it all to myself. I take up the whole bed. I usually have my phone and computer on the bed with me just in case Hubby calls.  The best part is eating snacks (on his side in case there are crumbs) in bed while watching a chick flick.

Even with all that being said would rather have him home with me. But it doesn’t hurt to enjoy a few of the perks while he’s gone.