Oceanside Fireworks JULY 3rd!


The City of Oceanside Fireworks Show will be on July 3 from 6:00 – 10:00 pm. The fireworks will be set off just north of the El Corazon Senior Center, located at 3302 Senior Center Drive. Rancho del Oro will be closed for the block between Seagate Way and Ocean Ranch Boulevard. This is the best viewing site for fireworks.

My family attended this event last year and it was a lot of fun. It is a great atmosphere for kids. There will be food trucks parked on the street and the El Camino High and Oceanside High bands will play right before the fireworks. We liked that it wasn’t quite as rowdy as most 4th of July fireworks show. For more info check out the flyer https://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/civica/filebank/blobdload.asp?BlobID=32396

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