Pepperidge Farm Supports the Troops


I’m thrilled to see that Pepperidge Farm donated $25,000 to the Fisher House Foundation. The donation will be used for the Foundation’s Scholarships for Military Children. They also introduced limited edition packaging of Goldfish crackers.

Military inspired packaging on Goldfish crackers at the commissary. Look how good that goldfish in a Marine Corps cover!

It’s the same great crackers that my kids have been snacking on for years, labeled with special military inspired graphics and the Fisher House Logo. You can find these limited edition crackers at military commissaries and exchanges in the US and abroad. My kids are so excited that the fish on the packaging resembles what their daddy wears to work everyday, it’s a nice reminder for them that even though their dad is gone, people are grateful for what he does and appreciate his sacrifices. We stocked up on the fun treats last time we were at the commissary.

Thank you Pepperidge Farm for supporting our troops!