The Sesame Street/USO Experience 2014


Last year The Sesame Street/USO Experience toured 42 bases in European and Pacific countries (here is my post about last years tour). This year they are touring the United States. The show will help service members and their families deal with the unique challenges, from deployments, frequent separation and relocating frequently.

USO Photo by Fred Greaves
USO Photo by Fred Greaves

The Sesame Street/USO Experience features a Katie, a military child who was created in 2011 just for the Sesame Street/USO Experience Tour. Read the full article to see if you think this show would be a good fit for your family Sesame Street / USO Experience for Military Families

Here are the dates for the shows around San Diego and Camp Pendleton-

July 31        Camp Pendleton             Base Theater                     3:00 & 6:00
August 1     Camp Pendleton             Base Theater                     1:00(sensory friendly) & 6:00
August 2     MCAS MiraMar               Bob Hope Theater              4:30 & 7:00
August 3     MCAS Miramar               Bob Hope Theater              2:00 & 6:30
August 5     Naval Base San Diego   Admiral Prout Field House  2:00 & 6:00
August 6     Naval Base San Diego   Admiral Prout Field House  11:00 & 4:00

The Tour will streatch across all of the United States. Check out the USO website to see if the tour will be visiting your area.