Blue Star Family Books on Bases on Camp Pendleton

Col. Johnston reading “A Big Guy Took My Ball” to military families.

We attended a truly fantastic event today – Blue Star Families’ Books on Bases!  Held at the De Luz Family Housing Office and in coordination with Disney who donated thousands of books, it was simply a fantastic event.

A simple tent kept the grown ups out of the hot sun while the kids played on the playground.  They handed each family a hard cover copy of “A Big Guy Took My Ball!” that was then read to us by Colonel Johnston, a Disney voluntEAR, and a guest from the crowd.  Plus, a visit from Mickey Mouse!  Afterwards, they led us into the Housing Office where each child could pick out 5 books apiece, plus a gift bag of goodies that included plush dolls, snacks, and a photo with Mickey.  All books were hardcover and the age range was 12 and younger.  My two little readers were in heaven and are both reading their books now while I type this thank you post to Blue Star and to Disney.

Every family had a chance to take photo with Mickey!

Blue Star Families’ Books on Bases program visits bases all over the world to distribute books to the children of our warriors.  Thanks to support from Disney, the Books on Bases program has distributed more than 70,000 books.  These events help military families spend time together, nuture a strong, family environment, and most importantly, they demonstrate to our children that our nation loves and appreciate the sacrifices that military families make in the support of our great nation.   Read more about this amazing organization here: