UShip Relocation Resource


Although I love traveling, I’ve never been a fan of moving: It’s stressful and a lot of work.  However, I was introduced to this great eBook that I wanted to share with my readers.  The site gives a great explanation of the different types of military moves, from the Government managed move to the different types of DITY moves. It engages families with the realities of moving, helps guide newer families through the process, and gives ideas on how to help children cope with the changes.

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You can view the ebook by clicking USHIPebook_finalversion_v10.11.2013 or, but the website is also worth looking at and bookmarking for whenever you’re up for orders.  The checklists are especially helpful, and the final page of the book has additional hyperlinks to even more resources.  Using both the book and website together should make moving a lot easier than when we had to do it.

Extra bonus: This company has discounts for military personnel who get verified through Troop ID.