USO and Sesame Street Team Up for Military Families


The USO’s longest running tour is celebrating its fifth year of touring.  In 2013 the Sesame Street / USO Experience for Military Families is visiting 42 bases in 8 European and Pacific countries.  If you don’t live near a base they are visiting this year it’s still a great message for your kids, wherever you may be stationed.

(USO Photo by Fred Greaves)

Featuring Katie, a Muppet whose parents are in the military, this Sesame Street show really hits home.  Katie, feeling a little blue because of the impact of being a military family, gets help from Elmo and his Sesame Street pals in seeing the bright side of her situation.  We watched some YouTube videos of the show since we can’t travel to go see it in person and it looks amazing.  I hope they add SoCal to their next tour schedule.  In the meantime, we’re having fun with their iPhone / iPad / iPod app, “Sesame Street for Military Families.”

Elmo, Katie and their Sesame Street pals hope you will join the celebration by checking out our list of 5 Things You Can Do to Support Military Families.

    1. Volunteer at or donate to  one of the local San Diego USO offices.  The San Diego USO numbers are (619) 235-6503 and (619) 296-3192
    2. Offer to help a military family on the home front who live on or off base, especially if the husband is deployed.  If their lawn needs to be mowed, knock on their door and ask if they’d mind if you trimmed their lawn.  Take their garbage cans for them, or just let them know that you’re available should the need arise. 
  • Lend an ear to listen to a military spouse as sometimes just having someone there to vent to or talk to when you may feel all alone can be the greatest support of all.
  1. Say thank you to a military member and their family for their service, sacrifice and strength.  My husband and I appreciate it when it’s said and so does every military family.  

Since its debut in July 2008, the Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families has taken its message to more than 248,000 troops and military families and performed 433 shows on 131 military bases in 33 states and 11 countries.

To see if the tour is coming to your base check out the schedule here